HM Distribution

At the end of 1945, Auguste CHOLET, a retailer specialising in apples, set up his business at Les Halles de Paris, rue Mondétour, under the name “HALLES MONDETOUR”.
In order to meet his customers’ expectations, Auguste CHOLET began to develop the import of apples from Italy and Switzerland. Capitalising on this success, and in response to growing customer demand, he decided to acquire the DOMAINE DE CONFOUX in the south of France in 1952. This allowed to develop a range of high quality fruit to establish a direct link between production and distribution in order to continue to stand out from the existing suppliers and to better meet the demands of retailers and the consumers.
In 1969, Les Halles de Paris moved to Rungis, becoming the largest market in the world. The company was modernised and equipped with a shop and a warehouse. The family spirit is still very much present, which allows us to ensure warmer exchanges with our customers and to establish a relationship of trust that is essential in our profession.

The company HALLES MONDETOUR became the Groupe HM

Groupe HM expanded its range to include vegetables, citrus, grapes and other stone fruits from the best regions of France, meaning that customers could now buy from a single source.

In the year 2000, in order to satisfy our customers with high quality products all year round, Groupe HM decided to open a fruit import department.

In search for the best quality, we travel all over the world to meet producers directly, choose our products and their sources. This also allows us to shorten the time to market and give our customers the best product at the best price and schedule.